Diva Vodka

Super-premium diamond-sand-filtered vodka enveloping
a sparkling, hand-filled wand of Swarovski crystals.


Gem DIVA vodka combines sparkling style and elegant attitude and is inspired by the diva in each of us.

Encased in each bottle is a shimmering wand containing bright Swarovski elements, each compiled by hand so no two bottles are the same.

Your glittering gems will remain safely in the bottle whilst you pour and you can take them out whenever you wish by pulling the wand up through the bottles neck and removing the wands top cap.

Wrapped around the bottles waist is a sparkling bracelet, which can be removed and adorn your wrist to accentuate the Diva in you.

Gem Diva vodka is seven times distilled removing impurities resulting in a super smooth vodka.